Gold price to double as Fed kicks off tightening and economy flatlines

Gold has the potential to double once the Federal Reserve begins to tighten and hike rates to fight off hotter-than-expected inflation, said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group. “If you inflation adjust gold for its 1980 high, it can go to $2,500, it can overshoot $3,000 plus,” Boockvar told Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief […]

Bitcoin price should be 'much lower', look for these 'hot tokens' instead – Clem Chambers

Current valuations for the major cryptos, including Bitcoin, are “miraculous” and prices should be much lower, said Clem Chambers of Chambers told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that there are several other tokens to look at, and in particular, the DeFi space overall has more long-term potential. Follow Kitco News on Twitter: @KitcoNewsNOW […]

What if China invades Taiwan? U.S. response and economic consequences

Taiwanese independence is geopolitically unsustainable, and it’s not a matter of if China will take action towards unification, but when, according to a panel of experts on the Asia-Pacific region. Harold Kempfer, former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and CEO of Global Risk Intelligence & Planning Inc. joined Matt Gertken, VP of Geopolitical Strategy of […]

Now you can use Bitcoin to experience Zero Gravity, Coinbase partners with Zero-G

Matt Gohd, CEO of Zero-G spoke to Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief of Kitco News about the space tourism industry. Zero-G is an airline company that offers a simulated weightlessness experience to passengers at a fraction of the price compared to others in the space travel tourism business. Not only is Zero-G dabbling in […]

Why Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold are merging

Agnico Eagle CEO Sean Boyd discussed the benefits of his company’s proposed merger with Kirkland Lake Gold.   Boyd spoke to Kitco on Tuesday. Agnico Eagle (TSE:AEM) and Kirkland Lake Gold (TSE:KL) announced a merger earlier this month.   “[This merger] is kind of different than what you normally see in the gold space. You […]

This will be the ‘best performing asset’ in next 2 years – Mart Wolbert

The uranium market has arguably the best fundamentals in the commodity space right now, or any asset class, said Mart Wolbert, founder and writer of the Contrarian Codex newsletter. “I would argue that uranium has the best fundamentals underpinnings of any investment asset class in the current market, even after this big run-up,” Wolbert told […]